• Auto Generate Mipmaps: All mipmap levels can now be automatically generated at loading time (no need for .bmq, ... files). We only recommend using this option if Anisotropic filtering is also enabled, otherwise there can be excessive blurring.

  • Water Ripples: New option in Render Settings to enable or disable the water ripples effect (vibrations in water) used in tracks like Garden. This can help improve performance with some Intel cards.

  • Multisampling: Support for enabling Multisampling (MSAA) from the Video Settings.

  • Added an fps limiter that can be used with vsync off. Set the preferred frame rate through the LimitFPS entry in rvgl.ini, set it to zero to disable limiting. Only 0 or values above 10 are accepted.
  • LocalPort, which can be found under the [Network] section. It forces a specific port to be used when connecting to an online session. If you have trouble seeing other players online (or other players cannot see you), you should open port 2310 in your router and then set LocalPort to 2310 in rvgl.ini. If you don't already experience any problems, then it's safe and recommended to leave this at 0.

  • "CatchUp" to enable / disable AI catchup
  • "LocalPort" to allow clients to set the port to be used when connecting to an online session. The default is 0 (use random port).

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