P2P is now the default mode for multiplayer sessions. Use "-nop2p" command line to explicitly disable P2P and use client-server mode.

The maximum number of cars is 16 as well, however, a maximum of 20 connections is supported, making room for 4 additional spectators.

Waiting Room commands: use Up / Down keys to scroll through the player list, hold down Ctrl for faster scrolling. The host can use Ctrl-D to disconnect a player or Ctrl-S to put a player in spectator mode.

The Windows version now adds support for DirectPlay lobby launchers like GameRanger or GameSpy. For this to work, create a copy of rvgl.exe and rename it to revolt.exe, then place dplobby_helper.dll alongside.

Splitscreen support has been added. As opposed to the Dreamcast version, a count is shown for fireworks and water bombs.

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