• Controller buttons are properly supported for menu navigation: axes can now be treated as buttons. Use Fire - forwards (Button A by default) and Pause - backwards (Button Y by default).
  • Support for modern game controllers like the Xbox 360 and PS3 Controllers. This means Triggers can be selected along with other axes. The axis and button names are displayed in the Controller Config menu for these devices.
  • Included an SDL community sourced GameController mapping database that is loaded automatically to support various additional controllers.
  • Menu select and back are set to buttons A and B by default on supported controllers.
  • Controller GUIDs are logged at RVGL start up. This can be useful for adding your own GameController mapping in case one is not available for your controller. See this post for more info.
  • Supports controller hot-plugging.
  • D-Pad is used for menu navigation when possible.
  • Support for custom GameController mappings: mappings are now sourced from "profiles\gamecontrollerdb.txt" in addition to the default mappings included in the root game folder.

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