Information (.inf)

Level information files (.inf) contain the most important information needed to start the level in the game. It's a simple text file that contains information like title, start position, music and more.

New 3-car wide STARTGRID with type numbers 4 and 5 have been added for use in custom tracks.

A custom track's difficulty can be set by adding the following line to the track's .inf file:

DIFFICULTY    1; Display difficulty (0:Unknown, 1:Easy, 2:Normal, 3:Hard, 4:Extreme)

Added in version 17.1009a.

There is a new level inf keyword ROCKTYPE, which can be 0 or 1. The default 0 can be used for ship levels, 1 can be used for water surfaces (Boat tracks).

To play a custom music track in your level instead of the default CD audio, use the MUSIC entry in the "level".inf file. General syntax:

    MUSIC <Path to music file>

Supported formats are OGG (recommended), FLAC, MP3 and WAV.

This entry was previously called MP3 which is now a deprecated keyword. The MUSIC keyword is recommended for new tracks.

If both MUSIC and REDBOOK lines are present in the inf, MUSIC has

the higher priority.

Practice: User tracks can be played in Practice mode. Add a single star object for this mode, when the player finds and catches it, the progress will be saved.

Battle & Stunt: These special type of tracks can be created and supported with the help of a new GAMETYPE entry in the "track".inf file. General syntax:

    GAMETYPE 1    ;Track type (1:battle, 2:stunt)

Add several stars for Battle Tag mode, and upto 64 stars for Stunt Arena. Progress for Stunt track type is saved and displayed.

Reverse Mode: Support for Reverse mode can be added by including a "reversed" folder in your track folder, containing the needed files (see the default levels for an example) .

Several edit modes (AI Nodes, Pos Nodes) support automatically reversing the data for you, by using the LShift + R command.

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