DEV Commands

These commands work in DEV mode, some commands may also work by manually entering MAKEITGOOD edit mode or other appropriate cheat codes.

Full Track Reload: Make changes to track files while Re-Volt is running, then simply restart the track to reload all the files.

Preview Objects: In Objects edit mode, press Ctrl + P to preview objects animation instantly, then use the same command to get back to editing.

Show Camera Position: Press RShift + F9 to show position and direction of the camera. This can help setting the required StartPos and StartRot values in the "track".inf file, by placing the camera at the start line and noting the camera values.

Keep game running in background: Press LShift + F9 to keep the gamerunning when it's not focused.

Hide HUD and Menus: Shift + F5 to hide HUD, then with the game paused, press and hold Space to hide the pause menu. This helps, eg., taking a screenshot for the main track gfx.

Ping values in multiplayer sessions can be checked from the debug display in Dev mode (Ctrl + Numpad Enter).

Toggle Camera Speed: Use Caps Lock to toggle the camera speed.

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