Launch Parameters

You can start RVGL via command-line or shortcuts with the following parameters:

Parameter Description
-alpharef <0 to 256> Reference value for alpha testing, default is 128
-aspect <width> <height> <lens> Changes the display aspect ratio and fov (default 512).
-autokick Automatically kicks players who use altered cars (parameters.txt) or tracks. Cars and tracks are
-cubevisi Performs heavier visibox computations for rendering.
-dev Launches the game in developer mode and enables edit modes and debug features.
-editscale <s>, -editoffset <x, y, z> Changes scale and offset of the makeitgood editor, all floating point values
-gogodemo Launches the game in demo mode.
-lobby <ip address> Launch the game and directly connect to a lobby. can be the host's IP, 0 (to
-localport <port> Overrides the LocalPort setting in rvgl.ini.
-multisample <num_samples> Initializes a multisampled opengl window without framebuffer objects.
-noforce Don't use force feedback of controllers.
-nogamma Disables gamma correction.
-nointro Disables the intro.
-nomip Disables mipmaps.
-nop2p Disables P2P and usea client-server mode.
-nopause Keeps the game running even when it's in the background. This is an alternative to the Shift+F9
-nosound Launches the game without sound/music.
-nostars Disables stars in Museum 2's planetarium
-nouser Disables custom content.
-profile <name> Loads the profile .
-profile Loads last used profile, do not show profile selection menu.
-profile Loads last used profile, do not show profile selection menu.
-res <width> <height> Forces a fullscreen resolution.
-sessionlog Saves race results to the profile folder as timestamped .cvs files.
-sload Disables the loading screen.
-texinfo Shows the maximum supported texture size by the GPU (Capped to 8192).
-window <width> <height> Launches the game in window mode. Specify width and height optionally. The default size

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